Monday, August 1, 2011

my life lately

Since I haven't got a ton of time on my hands nowadays with a full-time job, I'm finding it handy to have a smart phone around. It's great to take fun, quick photos to document some things without having to hall around my camera and download and edit them.

my view from my walk up to work from the parking lot

isaiah daniel!

he's such a cutie!

grandma & gracie

miss von von (parent's dog, vonnie)

little miss, being silly

me and gracie after we went swimming

ready to go to HP7P2!

making him take a picture with his wife...

dyed my hairs... already washed out, tho

showing Ivory and Jocelyn the sights...

me and Ivory

the clouds were gorgeous!

after the sun went down...

the ridiculously cute fox at the desert museum (her name, we found out, is Jean)

the reason we went to the desert museum (to find javeliiiiiiiina! <--inside joke)

Our wonderful friend Rob is moving to San Fran and gave us two really nice bookshelves, one of which we set up in our living room. Also, new mirror from mom's trip to the Midwest.

having my morning coffee with the crocheted cup coozie from Mrs. Kuhn