Tuesday, September 2, 2014

new wall updo

If you follow me on IG, you've seen this already - but for those of you who don't- here's the gallery wall in our new home. 

We moved back in May and I'm just now finishing getting things hung on the wall. Still working on get the rest of this room looking good but for now I can lay on my couch and enjoy a nice view in this general direction.

(I really do need to pull my camera camera out more often...)

I definitely look to Pinterest for inspiration when doin' somethin' like this - but really I just start hanging things and hoping they will be spaced out correctly. I only had to re-hang a couple of pieces to get it right.

I love this wall because it represents a lot of what we love as artist. Screen printing was a large expression of our artistic endeavors early on in our young adult lives. I took a screen printing class and Andrew had a friend from high school teach him and ventured into making money doing it for a short lived time. So 5/13 of those up there are prints either we got for free, purchased, made, or were given. Fun stuff.
Other items include: a sweet pen drawing of old adobe houses my dad was given by a customer years ago and passed on to us, my favorite watercolor from my college years (its of a fox, can't get cuter than that!), cross-stitch of AZ that my mom made, along with photographs/art our friends have made us.

Also - branches are courtesy of our old back yard neighbors' tree. LOVING those.

(pictured on the fake (yes, fake) fireplace mantel are some lovely plants I have managed to keep alive and one of my fav retired Noonday items: Nomadic Pom Clutch (oh how I drool over it still...)

And there you have it. DIY gallery wall at the Lings' casa in the barrio. (If I knew how to say that all in Spanish, boy, I would have)

Let me know what you think!
What is this style? 
(Cuz I have a hard time giving it a name and I'd like to know!)

Friday, August 29, 2014

and the winner is...

Rachael - I'm shooting you an email right now to get your address!

Thank you everyone who entered!

Friday, August 22, 2014

noonday styling & giveaway

Here I am! It's my turn to share about Noonday's NEW Fall Collection.
There are so many things I could talk about regarding Noonday and the impact they are having around the globe.

Like the trip they took in partnership with International Justice Mission to help tell the stories of our artisan in Rwanda - how they are sponsoring 6 rescue missions to help change even more lives than they already do -

How they've added on new artisan groups this season - one who works with deaf people in Kenya - one who works with people who've had leprosy in India - another who help provide skills training and job placement opportunities for women emerging from prostitution in Ethiopia.

They continue working with over 10 countries and over 28 different artisan groups to help empower their communities to rise out of poverty.
If you've followed along the blog train - you've gotten a chance to read more on how Noonday impacts the world

I decided that because I enjoy styling so much - I would share with you the side of Noonday that highlights how beautiful the jewelry our artisans make is, how flawlessly you can wear them together, and a couple way different ways to wear them!

As ambassadors, we had the opportunity last week to participate in a style challenge in Instagram - if you're on Instagram, look through the hashtag #noondaystyle to see more fabulous looks! We were given prompts every day to inspire our styling and here is what I chose for each day (you can click on the links below pictures to find out more about the pieces and where they are made):

"bright & bold"


I absolutely love this scarf - has every color in the rainbow in perfectly coordinating hues - really able to wear this with almost any outfit and add the perfect pop of color for fall! 

This bag is perfect for those of us who don't usually carry a large purse for every day - or for when you're out on the town and don't want to wear out your shoulder - and look at the inside!

The minty colors in the Julep earrings and Everest Wrap bracelet are just the right compliment to the bold colors in the scarf and bag.

"inspired by your style icon (I picked Zooey Deschanel)"

I was channeling my inner Zooey Deschanel - I don't really think in terms of icons but she's got fun/vintage taste and even though she doesn't usually sport many accessories this is what I think she SHOULD wear.
I seriously love the size and color of the Phoenix earrings. They are a natural shell that ranges from pink to light red and adds a great pop of color without overwhelming the outfit.
The simple elegance of the Helena necklace really ties the neckline together with the blouse and that bracelet, well - there's a reason its called the Everyday Artillery!

"that's a wrap"

Here in Tucson, our fall doesn't really start until the end of October - but you better believe I'll be bundled up in the Amhara scarf once that times comes! Its a lovely light weight, but wide, graphic and so versatile in black and white!
My arm party is donning some necklaces at the far right end! The Clustered Charm (see more on it below) was such a fun addition to the party and I will show you below how I made the Bethe Rope into a bracelet:

I'll be making a video on this someday - but hopefully this helps show you how to tie it!
I love it when I can wear something more than one way!

"unexpected favorite"

bracelets: etched bars, rosario cuff; necklaces: luganda, terracotta rope; earrings: greco

All these pieces weren't ones I thought I'd wear a ton. (especially the PURPLE, I'm NOT a purple person.) But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like them all! I've said it before and I'll say it again, why did I wait so long to get the Etched Bars bracelet? Multiple ways to wear, wonderful brassy color (my fav) - and the Rosario Cuff -  craftsmanship is impeccable! 

Who knew you could make beads out of Terracotta? They are the perfect earth tone to compliment this outfit with a chambray shirt along with the pops of purple and the wonderful gray to black hues in the Luganda.

"taking a risk"

The Paradiso - this necklace was absolutely a challenge for me - I just didn't know if it would be something I'd want to wear - but look at how perfectly it goes with my thrifted blouse?

The Octagon Hoops are my FAVORITE earring this season - great size to get noticed - but in brass, you can wear them with nearly everything! 

"oh so fancy"

One thing I love about Noonday is that so many of the pieces are easily dressed up or down.
I've worn the Erin necklace with a simple button up and it really pulls the outfit together. 

The Calypso earrings have to be a close second favorite earring of mine this season -
I'm definitely an earrings girl thru & thru and so very excited by the many beauties we have for fall!
Sofyia wrap is just great as a headpiece too!
Time to start planning a Gatsby party with my Noonday!


And now on to our giveaway!
Before I'd even gotten my pieces from this season - I picked a piece for the giveaway that I knew had some fun fall colors - I LOVE FALL - and Clustered Charm definitely has them:

To ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, comment below with your favorite piece from the new collection and why you love it AND/OR share my Noonday website (www.sarahling.noondaycollection.com) on your Facebook with your friends and something you love about Noonday! 
Each time you comment or share you will be entered to win!

I'll be picking the winner next Friday at random! Stay tuned!

Head over to yesterday's post from Paige or this afternoon's post by Kate to keep following the blog train and the lovely giveaways and storytelling!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

coming up...

If you didn't already know, Noonday has launched their Fall 2014 Collection!

I'll be talking about the new line next week, my favorites, my challenges, as well as show ways I've styled some of the pieces - so stay tuned! 

Also - do you like this necklace? 

Well, if you do, stay tuned for my next blog post, because I'll be giving one away!

Also, follow the Noonday blog train for even more stories, styling and giveaways! 
Here's a fellow ambassador from yesterday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i am a photographer, too

By now you all know I'm pretty notorious for writing things and not posting them.
Or just not writing anything and posting nothing.
So, it's been a while.


I've been up to things.
A lot of photography, to be exact.
Mostly working with my lovely friend who takes pictures for people's weddings -
and does an amaaaaaaazing job at it.
I'm kinda her side kick.
Most of the time I get to just be and take pictures.
I really enjoy it.

We went to the Pacific Northwest for one such wedding.
It was magical there.
Both of us had never been.
Here are most of my IG's from said trip:
(no, I didn't take any with my nice camera, because that's for working and I'm lazy)

washington/oregon boarder sunset

somewhere in the woods

astoria, or (where the wedding was)
yes, that's the goonies' house

lots of plants there ;)

the observatory in portland, or; yummy food place

you know, the obligatory portland sign shot

covoa coffee

produce row cafe; DELICIOUS food

i liked the irony of this (stop and smell the roses)

yeah, this is the portland airport parking lot O.o

Yeah. It's pretty there...