Tuesday, February 2, 2016

what can i do?

"Everything that's beautiful starts with a broken heart."-Glennon Melton

Do you look at the world and wonder,
"For the love, what can I do to make this a better place to live?" 
I do. 
And I sometimes forget how much I've been given and power I have to change it. 
Just a friendly reminder:
If you're reading this, you have power, too.

In fact, did you know that supporting and sustaining job creation in the artisan sector is one of the most powerful things you can do to change our world for the better?

For many, education opportunities are scarce and learning a skill in the artisan sector can be a HUGE step in breaking the cycle of poverty for them and their families. Supporting fair trade artisan goods elevates the worth of their profession and raises demand for everyone.

And the number one thing they need is consistent orders.
They're not looking for charity or handouts;
the work of their hands provides them not only an income but purpose and dignity.

So this is what I want you to do:
Host a trunk show!

Contact me to book a spring trunk show - this collection is INCREDIBLE!
Don't do this for me.

Do this for Mary Sunshine. For Solange, Fanny, Charity, Night, Grace, Asha, Esperanza,
For Ana, Angelica, Cherry, Fermin, Renal, Jalia, Daniel, Bukenya, Sham, Sofiya, Moon, Sunita, for all the artisans who are working to create a flourishing world for themselves, their family, and their people. Each one has name, a face, a family, a story.

Me and my sassy friend, Mary Sunshine, at the Umucyo Sewing Co-Op in Kigali, Rwanda
Solange looking at the clutch they made in the Spring 2015 lookbook
Asha showing me how to use the foot pedal sewing machine

And if you want to do even more than support Noonday as a customer/hostess, consider becoming an ambassador like me!
This the the best job I've ever had, hands down.

My job is to advocate for the poor, teach women that "style" is more accessible than they think, and to show you that we are all more connected than we can possibly image:
going to to Rwanda last summer, I learned that to the depth of my soul

Go check out what it means to be an ambassador and shoot me an email if you think you're up for the challenge.
Let's talk. ;)

My ambassador and Umucyo sisters