Tuesday, September 2, 2014

new wall updo

If you follow me on IG, you've seen this already - but for those of you who don't- here's the gallery wall in our new home. 

We moved back in May and I'm just now finishing getting things hung on the wall. Still working on get the rest of this room looking good but for now I can lay on my couch and enjoy a nice view in this general direction.

(I really do need to pull my camera camera out more often...)

I definitely look to Pinterest for inspiration when doin' somethin' like this - but really I just start hanging things and hoping they will be spaced out correctly. I only had to re-hang a couple of pieces to get it right.

I love this wall because it represents a lot of what we love as artist. Screen printing was a large expression of our artistic endeavors early on in our young adult lives. I took a screen printing class and Andrew had a friend from high school teach him and ventured into making money doing it for a short lived time. So 5/13 of those up there are prints either we got for free, purchased, made, or were given. Fun stuff.
Other items include: a sweet pen drawing of old adobe houses my dad was given by a customer years ago and passed on to us, my favorite watercolor from my college years (its of a fox, can't get cuter than that!), cross-stitch of AZ that my mom made, along with photographs/art our friends have made us.

Also - branches are courtesy of our old back yard neighbors' tree. LOVING those.

(pictured on the fake (yes, fake) fireplace mantel are some lovely plants I have managed to keep alive and one of my fav retired Noonday items: Nomadic Pom Clutch (oh how I drool over it still...)

And there you have it. DIY gallery wall at the Lings' casa in the barrio. (If I knew how to say that all in Spanish, boy, I would have)

Let me know what you think!
What is this style? 
(Cuz I have a hard time giving it a name and I'd like to know!)