Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i am a photographer, too

By now you all know I'm pretty notorious for writing things and not posting them.
Or just not writing anything and posting nothing.
So, it's been a while.


I've been up to things.
A lot of photography, to be exact.
Mostly working with my lovely friend who takes pictures for people's weddings -
and does an amaaaaaaazing job at it.
I'm kinda her side kick.
Most of the time I get to just be and take pictures.
I really enjoy it.

We went to the Pacific Northwest for one such wedding.
It was magical there.
Both of us had never been.
Here are most of my IG's from said trip:
(no, I didn't take any with my nice camera, because that's for working and I'm lazy)

washington/oregon boarder sunset

somewhere in the woods

astoria, or (where the wedding was)
yes, that's the goonies' house

lots of plants there ;)

the observatory in portland, or; yummy food place

you know, the obligatory portland sign shot

covoa coffee

produce row cafe; DELICIOUS food

i liked the irony of this (stop and smell the roses)

yeah, this is the portland airport parking lot O.o

Yeah. It's pretty there...

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