Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have a job.
I am in shock.
I just found out about it yesterday and today I have it.

What my job is :
My mom is a surgical nurse for a group of doctors in town.
They have an office next to Northwest Hospital that schedules their surgeries at different hospitals (there's much more that goes on there, but that's basically what concerns my position)
I'll be helping to schedule their surgeries at the three different hospitals and the surgery center they work at; talking to insurance companies, hospital staff, patients, doctors, etc.
It's pretty much a normal office hours/environment kind of job--but this is really exactly the kind of job I was hoping to find.
Andrew and I will have basically the same work schedule, which is so great!

How I got it :
My mom's boss called her yesterday about one of the ladies in the office quitting and my mom told her that I was looking for work.
Her boss talked to the office manager and she called me to have me come in for an interview today.
She called me about half an hour after my interview and told me I was hired.

I'm just thrilled.

God is so good!
I cannot say that enough.

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