Friday, July 1, 2011

great friends

One of my dearest friends is here visiting me. She travels with a children's theater and just so happens to be in Tucson next week. She had a week break off in between & has been staying with us since Wednesday.

It is so refreshing and delightful to have her around again. We haven't seen each other in over a year--but no matter how much time passes--we can always pick up where were left off.

Since work is slow in the summer (not a lot of people want to have surgery in the summer, apparently), I got to go home early yesterday. Today was my planned half day but my car decided not to start for me this morning (I think the battery is just dead), I just called in and told them I wouldn't be there. It's nice to have a little more time to spend with her.

We've just been laying around talking on the air mattress thus far, but I'm not complaining.
It's totally freeing to be able to talk about anything with a friend who has known you for so long.

It makes me think that I need to do this more often with God.
Through reading our study of David for the summer, I've definitely been convicted about not turning to God for help, advice, council, or even just friendship before I turn to my family and friends.
Even though God can use others to speak to us, I can't help but wonder what more I am missing out on by not talking to Him directly first and foremost...

I want to think of God as that great friend.

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