Saturday, August 25, 2012

everything changes but does it stay the same?

I know I've said it before, but I'm in a constant state of trying to improve my life:

--Making my house more like a home

--Attempting to dress myself better and understand what does and doesn't look good on me

--Taking things apart (jewelry, clothes, etc) and putting them back together a better way

--Secretly gearing myself up to loose a little bit of weight/get in better shape... wait, did I just say that out loud? (Shhh, I'm not very good at that one)

--Gleaning ideas off of media and integrating them into my style

--Reading books that teach me more about the world and me...

Now, all of these things can be good.
But they can also be bad.
They can be a distraction.
The can be mis-focused.
They can be totally focused on me.
And often times, they have been.

All my abilities to see something and know how to make it better are completely useless if I'm doing it just for me.
Because these things are completely finite.
They will not last.
AND if I'm just doing them for myself and not sharing it and not giving God the credit for that gift He's given me... I'm just a selfish liar.

So, my big question for myself lately:

How do I live my life, doing the things I'm good at, and give the glory to God?

I'm not sharing this to make myself look cool or even to bring myself down for not having the right motives in the past.
My freedom is found in Jesus.
And He's glorified when I do these things and share them with others while acknowledging that He's the giver of my gifts.

I've been finding more freedom in this area of my life than I've ever had -
And I will continue to seek that freedom!