Saturday, February 28, 2015

we are connected

My friend, Stephanie​, who was the first person to share this amazing company with me and was the reason I became an ambassador, so powerfully shared her thoughts on her job and purpose behind what we do. I couldn't say it better than she did and I feel exactly as she does regarding this small but significant role we have as ambassadors for Noonday:

"Here's something I really want you to know about me. In the deep places of my heart, I really don't care about jewelry. And I definitely don't care about making money off my friends. When I post about Noonday on social media or bring it up in conversation, I'm not trying to convince you to spend money for the sake of making my paycheck bigger. I swear to you, I would do this for free. I'd buy these pieces at full price. I'd invest in this company (and I did before I started working with them) because I believe in it. Noonday Collection is building a flourishing world that has very little to do with fashion.


It's about the worth of human life.

The empowerment of a woman who has been taught every day that she is insignificant and powerless.

It's about mamas not having to give up their babies because they can't afford to feed them. (tears in my eyes every time I think about this.)

It's about Renal rebuilding his workshop after the hurricane hit Haiti, and designing the gorgeous Liberté necklace that he is SO so proud of. (with which I am obsessed.)

It's about Jalia and Daniel going from starving artists to thriving business owners, designers, and mentors in a country with an 80% unemployment rate.

It's about Sofiya getting a job, buying a motorbike, and supporting her family in a country where women are expected to depend on others.

It's about adults with disabilities being given dignified work, and an opportunity to flourish.

It's about cherishing children, empowering women, providing jobs for those who have no way to support their families, and connecting us all together because though we are different, we are the same."

And now, this summer, I get the amazing privilege of traveling to meet the women who work in the sewing co-op in Rwanda that we purchase beautiful bags from each season.
Women like Grace, a survivor of the 1994 Rwanda genocide, who's transformational story of overcoming injustice is a testament to the worth & dignity that consistent employment & community can create in our world.

Oh, that we would understand just how connected we are!
I can hardly wait 'till July!

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