Monday, April 11, 2011


My parents decided to try looking for another dog. They found a basenji rescue site and decided to adopt a basenji/rat terrier mix from a couple in utah. The couple who had her found her at their local humane society but she ended up being too high energy for them. They wanted to find her a home where she could run around in a backyard and get more exercise.

Since they didn't have a yard and both worked so much they wanted to find her a home that would let her have both. My parents love going on walks and have a yard so they thought it would work out well for Vonnie. Since she's also not a pure-bread, they thought that might mean she won't get sick like all their other pets have.

I rode up with them to the Utah/Arizona boarder to pick her up this weekend.
She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met!

She's got such peaceful eyes and loves to give kisses!

She loves sitting on laps and being a close as possible to people!

Hanging out in her new yard (even if it's all rock, it's still a yard!)

She's just adorable.

Since Andrew and I can't have a pet of our own (mostly for money reasons now) I can get in my doggy fix at my parents again!

Pets are definitely not more important than most things in life. But they sure do make some things more interesting and fun. And I'm glad my family can find some happiness in having animals around.

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