Monday, October 3, 2011

sedona / flagstaff

We went up to Sedona with the Muellers again this weekend! I forgot my camera so the photos are from my phone and mostly of leaves, but that's what I was loving about being there! We weren't there long but it was a nice to have a change of scenery.
(Even though I just got back from Prescott last weekend!)

I'm just praying my body will catch up from not having any down time two weekends in a row! I'll sorta have this weekend to recoup before I head off to Nebraska the following weekend! Why is the end of the year so busy??

The first set of photos are from our little trek to Red Rock State Park. It's so beautiful there!


love these trees!

two peas in a pod...


These ones are from our afternoon in Flagstaff:

I had no idea this was here! Yay Weatherfords!


Me & my honey


  1. See! We were with you in spirit! :)

  2. love your photos! you and andrew are so sweet together - i miss you all the time.